Constitution of the United Sane of America

For mostly reasonable people.

Preamble (slight rip-off for anyone who knows the original): We the Reasonable People, in Order to form a more productive Union, establish Justness, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the Common Sense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the lessons of our History to ourselves and our Posterity (who are watching), do declare and establish this Constitution for the United Sane of America.

  1. We agree not to let our fears, concerns or emotions run amok and make us crazy and will work to judge rationally whether a situation is really crazy-worthy.
  2. We agree to rationally THINK before, during and after we speak, blog or forward on messages that have the potential to add to the craziness of this world.
  3. We agree to use words as tools of communication not weapons of mass destruction. We will also not use actual weapons like guns or bombs in trying to get our points across (because that would be insane!)
  4. We agree not to assume that because someone thinks differently, they are, in fact, insane, unpatriotic, or extremely ignorant.
  5. If there is evidence that someone may be insane, manipulative, or extremely ignorant of relevant facts we agree not to respond by sinking to their level.
  6. We agree not to participate in wild exaggerations, distortions, or omissions of relevant facts just to make a case.
  7. We agree to model sanity by maintaining a civil discourse when discussing differences of opinion. We will refrain from using putdowns based on dismissive, stereotypical and derogatory meanings of words such as: ‘conservative’, ‘liberal’, ‘republican’, ‘democrat’, ‘evangelical’, ‘muslim’, etc.
  8. We agree to manage our biases by both staying reasonable when questioning information from sources we are biased against AND by double-checking information from sources that we are biased toward.
  9. We agree to do our best to insist that media outlets, political parties, PACs and people we come in contact with present their points in rational, sane ways.
  10. We agree to actually hold ourselves to these standards and not excuse our behavior just because the other guy (gal), pundit or politician started it.

p.s. Don’t forget, while you are thinking of everybody else who needs to agree to these terms, that you need to challenge yourself. We are all susceptible to think WE are the sane ones and everyone else is crazy. And it is this very thought that gets the crazy started.

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