How to become a hypocrite

Step 1: Don’t believe you can.
Step 2: Act that way.
Step 3: (Wait for it…) It won’t be long.

Why is it that people have such a great ability to see the flaws and faults of others while not being nearly as able to acknowledge the very same challenges in themselves? What does it take to not find yourself on the very path that goes against your own words and values?

Seems like as soon as a person or group forgets that they are not above these very flaws – the moment we begin rationalizing our motives or justifying our actions – the second we start feeling righteous about our viewpoint –  is the instant we begin to turn into the very thing we take issue with. Politicians, Law Enforcement, Priests and Clergy, Media Pundits, Tea Party Members, Conservatives, Liberals, Elites. Time and time again this has been proven. And yet we still don’t see it when it is us who have crossed the line.

It is easier to fight for one’s principles than to live up to them.  ~Alfred Adler

We all have the potential for double standards. We scream at our kids to not yell. We expect loyalty from one as we throw another under the bus. We call people jerks for calling us idiots. We close our minds to others because it is so obvious that they are closed-minded. We want gun-control and freedom of choice or gun rights and restrictions on abortion.

The injury we do and the one we suffer are not weighed in the same scales.  ~Aesop, Fables

And in the end we tell ourselves that we are not the hypocrites. Just the other guy. And when we catch him (or her, or them) in the act we pounce. Because making mistakes is only acceptable if we are the ones making them.

Seems like the very laws of hypocrisy work against us here. That’s why we need our friends and our opposition and watchdogs and police and the courts and the media and the public to check and balance (notice I didn’t say pounce on) us all. And we need to watch the watchers for the same reason.

But it also helps for everyone to be willing to admit that this law exists AND none of us is above it in the first place. – Oh except me obviously…

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